An article I posted on Twitter that was unexpectedly liked by people overseas


A Small, Blue, Pretty Flower

During my early morning walk, I found a small beautiful flower blooming among the weeds growing in the gaps of the asphalt sidewalk. The blue flowers were so small that I almost overlooked them without noticing.

I took a photo of this flower and posted it on Twitter with some comments, and unexpectedly, people from overseas responded.

Some comments to this post

I received the following comment from a woman in France.

“Beautiful picture with a strong meaning. My interpretation is: it doesn’t matter where you live (country, city, or family), you must be yourself and shine like the sun/a flower. These flowers on the picture avoid/don’t care about criticisms, jealousy. They live their own life”

That’s amazing! I can’t believe she can understand my post so well…

When I posted this photo and comment on my desire to live freely as myself, I received this response right away. I was surprised that someone from a faraway country could sense my feelings so well. I was impressed by how sensitive she was.

While beautiful photos are nice, it is also important to know the meaning and feelings behind the photos.

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