Reactions from people overseas! What is the most popular color among all the roses?


Reaction from people overseas! What is the most popular roses?

I currently have about 1,450 followers on Twitter, and most of them are not from within Japan but from abroad.

I took a lot of photos during the beautiful rose season, so I had posted a variety of different colored roses on Twitter.

As soon as I posted something on Twitter, my followers responded to it. Some even commented on how wonderful they were.

Everyone has a different preference for rose colors, but I was able to figure out what the relatively popular colors were.

Below are all of the roses I have posted on Twitter so far

The top three most popular roses from my Twitter feed

The third most popular

The second most popular

The most popular


I like yellow roses the best, but they seem to be popular among people overseas as well. And the most popular rose was pink. I thought dark red roses would be the most popular, but unexpectedly, light-colored roses like pink seemed to be popular among people overseas.

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