Strawberries grown by my son! This is his first harvest.


Strawberries grown by my son

My son bought some strawberry seedlings about six months ago and ever since then he has been growing them. He took good care of them by watering them every day and removing the dead leaves.

At the beginning of last month, the flowers finally bloomed and my son was very happy. However, some of them soon withered. But my son never gave up and continued to take care of them, and this month they finally bore fruit. My son was very happy to harvest his first strawberry, even though it was only two.

Our family has two strawberries right away. My wife and I divided one strawberry in half. It was very sour, but as I ate them, I couldn’t help but cry.

It must have been because my son never gave up growing them, even though the harvest was only a few.

My son knows well the importance of growing plants. I was more satisfied with my son’s growth than with the fact that the strawberries bore fruit.

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