To Make The Pancakes As Fluffy As Possible


My Son’s Idea

He had baked pancakes before but he said that he wanted to make them thicker and fluffier. So this time, he had a plan to bake the pancakes as intended.

On this occasion, he decided to separate the egg yolks from the egg whites, whisking each of them thoroughly before mixing them into the batter.

Sugar and vanilla oil were added to the egg yolks and whisked until they turned white, then the flour was added and stirred in quickly. The egg whites were also whisked until they were thick like cream. Afterward, they were added to the batter and mixed quickly. The whisked batter was then carefully put into the pan and steamed.

The pancakes turned out delicious, but my son wanted them to be thicker and fluffier. He wondered if he needed to use a mold to make it fluffy or to use the oven. When the pancakes were done, he was apparently not satisfied.

But they were very tasty, and my wife and I were very satisfied. My son had done a lot of work to make fluffy Japanese soufflé-type pancakes, but the pancakes he made were no different from traditional American pancakes. However, my wife and I were still able to fully enjoy them.

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