A Wonderful Wisteria Trellis, Hidden From The Public


A wonderful wisteria trellis in a nearby park that I discovered by chance

The whole family went to a park famous for its beautiful wisteria trellises, but it was still too early. However, my wife happened to find a wonderful wisteria trellis in another park.

I’ve been living in this city for almost 20 years now, but I never imagined that there would be such a wonderful wisteria trellis in my neighborhood park.

Wisteria flowers are usually light purple in color, but I didn’t know that white flowers also existed.

Wisteria flowers appear in a collection of Japanese poetry called “Manyosyu”. In this book, the wisteria flowers are called “Fujinami,” meaning wisteria waves, because the flowers are densely packed in large clusters.

It seems that there are still many wonderful things and places in my city that I don’t know about.

Wisteria, a flower beloved by the Japanese

While cherry blossoms are very famous in Japan, wisteria flowers are also one of the most representative flowers of spring.

Wisteria is a plant that grows all over Japan and which has captivated Japanese people for a long time. The flower clusters hang down from the tip of the plant’s long vines and sway beautifully in the wind.

Wisteria is so beloved that it even appears in a book called “Manyoshu” which is the oldest collection of Japanese poetry.

For example, as you can see in these photos, there are some in the park near my house.

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