Peonies are in full bloom at this season


Peonies I found on my early morning walk

Early morning walks are a great way to see lots of flowers if the weather is good. In the past, I rarely enjoyed looking at flowers.

But now I am interested in all kinds of flowers, which is a sign that I am becoming more sensitive.

I didn’t know about peonies until my wife told me about them, but I was very impressed by their beauty. I had no idea that they were so close to me.

When standing, you are as beautiful as a peony

The peony is one of Japan’s most beautiful flowers.

It was introduced to Japan from China around the Heian period. Since before the Edo period, peonies have been used as flowers for tea ceremonies and in Japanese flower arrangements.

In Japan, we have the following words. When standing, you are as beautiful as a peony; when sitting, you are as elegant as a tree peony; and when walking, you are as graceful as a lily.

This is said to have originally indicated the usage of Chinese medicine.

The root of the peony is used in Chinese medicine to relax muscle cramps and tension.

Therefore, it is effective for stiff shoulders, abdominal pain, and stiffness. It also has the effect of improving anemia.

It means that peony is suitable for people who are uptight, restless, and unable to sit still.

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