Wild Wisteria Flowers Are Very Quaint


Wisteria trellises are nice, but wild wisteria flowers are also very attractive

It’s time for the beautiful wisteria flowers to watch. The park near my house is famous for its beautiful wisteria trellises, so I went to see them, but they were still in bud. I was very disappointed.

However, as we were driving home, my son happened to see wild wisteria growing in the woods. We decided to turn around and take a look. Wisteria flowers on the trellis are nice, but wild wisteria flowers are also very attractive.

I used to not care much about wisteria flowers, but nowadays I feel really relieved when I see such flowers.

Wild wisteria flowers are very quaint.

The wisteria flowers spilling out from the wisteria trellises are beautiful, but they have been cultivated by people with a lot of time and effort. It cannot stand on its own, so wild wisteria blooms by entangling itself in neighboring trees. The wild wisteria is very different from the elegant man-made wisteria trellises and is full of wildness. I feel that wild wisteria flowers have a life force.

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