The Double-Flowered Cherry Blossoms In Full Bloom


The double-flowered cherry blossoms along the early morning walking course are in full bloom now.

Most of the cherry blossoms on the early morning walking course have fallen, but the double-flowered cherry blossoms are in full bloom and very beautiful. The flower called “Nanohana” along the river in the second photo is also looking good.

My walkway is surrounded by cherry blossom trees, and I am impressed by their beauty, which makes my walk more impressive and relaxing.

Double-flowered cherry blossoms in full bloom

There are several types of cherry blossoms. The most common and iconic is the five-petaled Somei-Yoshino, whose flowers are white or pale pink. Yaezakura (double-flowered cherry blossoms) is a general term for cherry blossoms with five or more petals, which range colors from light to dark pink. With its double petals, it is known as a symbol of strength compared to the more delicate Somei-Yoshino.

※ The word “Yae” in Yaezakura means many overlaps.

Yaezakura bloom after ordinary cherry blossoms such as Somei-Yoshino has fallen. Unlike Yoshino cherry blossoms, double-flowered cherry blossoms can be seen and enjoyed for a long time because they bloom later and stay longer.

These flowers can be found along the river in my neighborhood. I took these photos when I was taking an early morning walk. Even though the cherry blossoms have fallen, these flowers are now in full bloom and beautiful.

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